SustainMax, LLC provides full service, one-stop-shop home performance contracting to help you maximize your home's sustainability.
State of Minnesota Residential Building Contractor License # BC638873

SustainMax, LLC Services Include:

  • Consulting
        • Energy Programs and Finance Options
        • High-Performance Building Practices
        • Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing & Analysis
        • Computer Modeling
        • Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Certification/Verification
        • BPI Qualified Home Energy Assessments (audits)
        • HERS Ratings and ENERGY STAR® for Homes
        • Energy Efficient Mortgages
        • NAHB Green Building Standard

  • "Whole house" Performance Contracting
        • House Doctoring
        • Insulation/Weatherization
        • HVAC Performance and Retrofit
        • Ice Dam Removal/Repair
        • Refinishing

  • Third Party Inspections including:
        • Energy Programs
        • Green Certifications
        • Indoor airPLUS
        • WaterSense

  • Expert Witness

Many of the 128 million homes in this country were constructed before modern energy and building codes were established. These homes often suffer from performance problems ranging from inflated energy consumption to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality issues. SustainMax, LLC provides whole house performance contracting and a wide range of diagnostic testing services for both new and existing homes as well as third party certification for ENERGY STAR Homes, Green certifications for both MNGreenStar and NAHB's National Green Certification Program, and ratings for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIM). Whether SustainMax, LLC manages the whole project and streamlines the home improvement process or we consult with/for your contractor, your home performance problems identified during the home assessment can be readily corrected.

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SustainMax, LLC is a Minneapolis, Minnesota home performance contracting company, one-stop-shop, specializing in testing, certification, and installation of improvement measures. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service and installation promoting health, comfort, durability, and affordability in residential construction.

Home performance addresses:

  • Occupant comfort (health)
  • Combustion safety (carbon monoxide)
  • Ventilation (indoor air quality)
  • Moisture (mold)
  • Building durability (maintenance)
  • Energy efficiency (cost)

SustainMax, LLC is a certified:
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater
  • EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Rater
  • Federal Tax Credit Rater
  • Energy Efficient and Improvement Mortgage (EEM and EIM) Rater
  • NAHB National Green Building Certification Verifier
  • MNGreenstar Building Certification Verifier
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Shell Analyst (also certified trainer)
  • BPI Envelope Professional (also certified trainer)
  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor
  • State of Minnesota Advanced Residential Energy Auditor
  • State of Minnesota Residential Building Contractor License # 20638873

We serve homes in Minnesota.

SustainMax, LLC provides a wide range of diagnostic testing services for both new and existing homes as well as certification for ENERGY STAR Homes, Green certifications for both MNGreenStar and NAHB's National Green Certification Program, and ratings for Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIM).

Please see services provided for both new and existing homes.

We have over 30 years of energy conservation experience in building envelope retrofit projects. Clients include homeowners, builders, contractors, remodelers, insulators, realtors, gas and electric utilities as well as lending institutions.

SustainMax, LLC is a licensed building contractor involved in diagnostic testing, analyzing solutions, retrofit installations, and certification to achieve a high performance home.

Home Performance assessment is similar to a home inspection except that instead of only listing items in need of repair, it measures and tests how a home performs as a system in terms of comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. A home performance evaluation can help identify and prioritize work that will actually make a difference in health, comfort, and the durability of your home, along with maximizing energy savings. A final report specifies and prioritizes recommended upgrades of the evaluation. SustainMax, LLC also provides prioritized work specifications for competitive bidding and full contracting services.

Consulting Services:

Buildings are deceptively complex. They provide shelter, encourage productivity, embody our culture, and play an important part in life. In fact, the role of buildings is constantly changing. Buildings today are life support systems, communication and data terminals, centers of education, community, and so much more. They are expensive to build and maintain, and must constantly be adjusted to function effectively over their life cycle. The economics of building has become as complex as its design.

SustainMax, LLC provides strategies to achieve a true high-performance building: one that is cost-effective over its entire life cycle, safe, secure, and sustainable. Through a systematic analysis of these interdependencies a much more efficient and cost-effective building can be attained. SustainMax, LLC provides a roadmap to aid in building high performing homes by using materials and techniques that are affordable and do not add to the maintenance burden. Your SustainMax, LLC consultant identifies key goals and elements necessary for achieving high performance construction and provides guidelines on how to achieve these goals, which is essential to achieving a higher performing home that uses safer, healthier, and more efficient materials, techniques, and processes.

Our consulting services includes:

  • Recommendations and priorities for improving building practice
  • Design guidelines and specifications
  • Building process and evaluation guidelines and specifications
  • Diagnostic testing & cost/benefit analysis
  • Available resources

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